The AMKTMC Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) is a vibrant and dynamic group of young people who gather together regularly for Bible study, prayer and fellowship sessions. Youths of ages 14-25 come together to learn more about God and participate in activities aimed to enrich their walk with God.

The AMKTMC MYF seeks to bring together youths from backgrounds and ages to work together to and allow youths to channel their talents and skills in ministry. We also hope to inspire youths to make the right decisions as they grow and mature in their lives by building their foundations in the scripture and prayer. This year, our theme is Discern God’s will, Bear fruit and Share the truth. In line with this vision, we hope to guide youths in strengthening their relationship with Christ, display the various fruits of the spirit and share the gospel with their friends.

In 2016, MYF successfully put up a musical drama production titled “Connect 2016: Love like that”. Connect was held in ACS Barker and an estimated 150 people came to watch the production. It was an excellent platform for the youths to share with their friends what Christian love is all about and also use their talents for the glory of God. 

MYF meets every second Saturday of the month for a time of Bible study and fellowship. There are also regular programs after Sunday services such as prayer sessions, bible studies, and fellowship activities. There are also some special projects such as musical drama outreach (Connect) and bowling competitions.There are also many more exciting programs planned each year such as Games day, Youth service and Christmas gift exchange.

Are you 14-25 years old and interested to join us in our activities? Contact us today.

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