Methodism is basically a lay movement that has a vital role jointly with clergy in both ministry and governance of the Church. The role of the laity is called for daily ministries in the workplace, home, and community. The primary focus is to proclaim the good news and reach out to others in love.

It extends the ministerial awareness to the congregation and allows to be a good steward of the Christ in comforting each other.

The needs of the ministry are regularly discussed with the Pastor, jointly worked for the uplift of the members, Church and execute them for the glory of the Lord.

The Church membership is driven by the membership committee who monitors the status of the members on yearly basis, liaise with Pastor on the child/adult baptism, initiates a time of corporate prayer, jointly organizes the Easter and Christmas celebration and motivates a Church event for a time of togetherness.

Laity Sunday is observed as a designated Sunday by the conference and is lead by the lay persons of the Church. In the coming years, it is a progressive elaboration through the Biblical studies and training opportunities that were identified to develop Church ministries and fulfill the mission of the Church.

The lay leader coordinates the laity and establishes a bridge between the Pastor and the laypersons. The ministry of the Church growth is by God’s will, the involvement of the Pastor and the support from the congregation. Earnestly pray and support the ministry for the enlargement of His tent.