Young Adults Fellowship (YAF) is a vibrant group made up of adults from the age of 25 to 40. The key activities of this group are as follows:

  • YAF actively contributes to the growth of the Church and in the efforts by bringing in new members and also following up on inactive members.
  • YAF affirms discipleship and togetherness with YAF Families by organising frequent cottage fellowships and day retreats. The events are filled with fun and meaningful activities alongside sharing the word of God with the members.
  • YAF actively cares for the sick & elderly people (Senior Citizens) in the church and society. Frequent visits are arranged to the homes of senior citizens in our church. Additionally, YAF also organises visits to Old Age Homes.
  • YAF also actively participates and supports mission activities. For few years now, YAF has been directly supporting missionaries that serve the Lord in lands that have unheard Gospel.