Hi! We are the youths of AMKTMC. We are a family centered on God’s love that overflows to those in our community and outside. We are a community that takes care of one another, looks after each other and spurs each other on towards growth in the Lord.

Join us and feel at home as we get to know each other and encounter God through our weekly meetups on Sundays from 12 to 1.30pm.We meet weekly for bible studies that we break down and apply to today’s youth context and issues. We also have worship sessions where youths gather to encounter God through praise and prayer. We get to bond as well through really fun and exciting games and activities that are too fun to miss!

Once a month, we will also be having an online prayer room in the week to come together and pray and share our struggles.

As we want to share God’s love with those around us, we will be engaging with our neighboring communities through giving. This giving is in the form of distributing essential food items and also sharing our church spaces. We open up our church spaces for youths in the community to get together and have a fun, chill space to study where WiFi, snacks and stationeries will be provided!

As a youth you will also have an older brother or sister, looking out for you to be there for you when you need them! We want to focus on Christ centered relationships and accountability as a family!

So if you’re between 16-24 years of age, why wait, join us today!

You can contact us through this number: 81809105