In AMKTMC our ministry activities are based on our church mission statement

“Let us lift up our eyes and look at the fields”

And at AMKTMC we place great emphasis on the study of the Word. There are Bible studies on Sunday mornings for adults and Sunday schools for the younger ones and teens. Besides church-wide Bible studies, there are Bible studies conducted by agencies as well

Ministries: Sunday School, Discipleship & Nurture & Cell Groups

Serve the Lord
As a body of Christ, the Lord has blessed each with different talents and talents which when put together as a Church we are able to complement one another in many areas of ministry. One of the major efforts undertaken by the church is to bless those in the Ang Mo Kio (AMK) neighborhood through service and hospitality. Many hands are required as we reach out to those in the neighborhood in the Name of Christ.

Ministries: Social Concerns &  Worship & Music

Save the Lost
As a church, we seek to bring all who walk through our doors to commit their lives to Christ. We believe that God has placed AMKTMC in the AMK neighborhood to bring the Good News to the people in AMK especially the Indians living in the AMK community. We are just beginning our relationship with our neighbours that we hope will be for eternity in Him.

Ministries : Missions & Evangelism

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