5th Aug 2012 – Sermon by Rev. Prabhu

1Kings 7: 46-51 (and 1 Kings 8)


Soon we are moving into a new sanctuary.

We have been given an update the last phase of the work.

Solomon was giving his final touches before dedicating the temple.

He wanted to honor the Lord.

He fulfilled his father’s commitment to the Lord in furnishing a temple for God.  I kings 7:46-51

Then the King dedicated the completed temple to God’s Glory. 1Kgs 8

What is the kind of sanctuary Solomon was dreaming?
To what purposes was this sanctuary dedicated?
We have better infrastructures but they do not make a better church.

Look at King Solomon’s dream for the place of worship.


I.                   A Sanctuary for the Covenant Community. 8:1-9

  • The ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem v1-5
  • Corporate  involvement  v3 -5
  • 3-“Then all the elders of Israel came, & the priests took up the ark.
  • 5-“And King Solomon & all the congregation of Israel,
  • Commandments were the basis of the covenant.
  • 9 There was nothing in the ark except the two tablets of stone.
  • We are as servants of a new covenant 2 Cor 3:6
  • So it was a covenant to serve God and keep his commandments


II. A Sanctuary filled with God’s Glory  v10-13

  • the cloud of glory descended-Presence of God filled
  • God was a reality in the temple not an idol.v13
  • 13-“I have surely built Thee a lofty house, A place for Thy dwelling forever.””
  • Reverence for God was evident – we are God fearing community.

III.              It was Sanctuary of Witness to God’s uniqueness. V 22-28

  • God’s faithfulness  v 20 “Now the LORD has fulfilled His word which He spoke;
  • God’s Deliverance: 21- our fathers when He brought them from the land of Egypt.”
  • God’s uniqueness (:23)
  • And he said, “O LORD, the God of Israel, there is no God like Thee

IV. A Sanctuary for Prayer (:28-53)

  • it is a house of prayer  :28-“Yet have regard to the prayer of Thy servant & to his supplication,
  • Prayer is an ongoing activity of the sanctuary :29-“that Thine eyes may be open toward this house night & day,
  • Effects of prayer (:31-53).

“Forgive” – Look beyond a fault – forgetting infringement

  • restored relationships :31-32
  • restored fortunes:33-34
  • healing experienced :37-40
  • Deliverance  and victory granted


V.  A Sanctuary for Missions: 41-43

  • :41 “Also concerning the foreigner who is not of Thy people Israel, when he comes from a far country for Thy name’s sake”
  • :42-“(for they will hear of Thy great name & Thy mighty hand, & of Thine outstretched arm); when he comes & prays toward this house,”
  • a house of prayer for all nations.43-all the peoples of the earth may know Thy name, to fear Thee. Mark 11:17, 13:10

VII. A sanctuary for Consecration and Commitment 8:61-64

  • Obedience to God
  • Following the Lord with all sincerity.



  •  There was rejoicing when they went to the sanctuary Psalm 122;1
    • I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1
  • They went home joyful and glad V 66 If you and I want a better church we should be better people
    • covenant people experiencing the Glory of God

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